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Thank You

Thank You

My Poser Tubes Have Moved

My Poser Tubes Have Moved
I've moved my poser tubes, please click blinkie to be taken to my other blog..Thanks

Friday, 20 January 2012

Tag Templates 11 to 16

These 'tag templates' were created by myself using paint shop pro.
You are free to use these templates for your tags.
Credit is not required but would be appreciated.
Please do not change the file name.

Please note that templates may vary in size.

These templates are in layers to make it easier for you to arrange your tag how your want it to look.  Each of the templates will have its own download link.

If any of your friends would be interested in using any of my 'tag templates' please direct them to my blog.

Please leave a comment if you take any of my tag templates.

Thank you
Jackie Scottish Lass

Thank you for visiting PSP With Jackie Scottish Lass.

Sample No.11 - Download HERE

Sample No.12 - Download HERE

Sample No.13 - Download HERE
Sample No.14 - Download HERE

Sample No.15 - Download HERE

Sample No.16 - Download HERE

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